Broadwall Residential Properties

About Broadwall

Broadwall Management Corporation, a subsidiary of The Feil Organization, provides all management functions required for the successful operation of Feil’s residential buildings. Each residence is monitored on a daily basis by a dedicated and professional, hands-on administrative and maintenance staff. All accounting procedures, tenant reference inquiries, and inventory control processes are handled through our sophisticated in house IT system. Because of the size and number of properties we manage, we can achieve economies of scale that effectively control costs and optimize overall performance while offering personalized service and attention to each of our properties and residents.

The Feil Organization, one of the nation’s foremost real estate companies, has been a powerful force in real estate for over 70 years. Active in every facet of the industry, the firm owns and manages thousands of residential apartment homes, as well as retail, commercial and industrial properties.

Time after time, Feil has been able to anticipate upward market trends and readily adapt to an ever-changing real estate market, which is the key reason for Feil’s 72-year track record of growth and profitability. Feil’s success stems from a very down-to-earth combination of insight and acumen, diligence and expertise, and a longstanding commitment to consistency.

Nothing beats 72 years of stability.